Our Life in Scraps by Robyn Elise

I can't seem to throw away even the smallest of fabric scraps. My pile was small at first, but quickly grew. They were overtaking the family room. This made for a big mess. I finally decided I needed to do something. I organized and sorted--by color--by size--by designer. I cut and packaged my scraps. Now they are organized. My kids aren't questioning my sanity--well, mostly. Now, I can share them with you.

I just love that each of our lives are made up of lots of little bits--bits of time, bits of frustration, bits of fun. Together these little bits make up who we are as individuals, as families, as friends. Just like my piles of fabric scraps, life can get messy--really messy---really quick. That is where the name "Our Life in Scraps" came from. It evokes a togetherness, a need for each other. Life brings together all of our little bits and creates something beautiful from the scrappy mess of just "me".

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