So, I've been trying to do the 7 day blog challenge through the Live your Legend team...  I decided to take the 14 day or so route.  Today's question is on Anger.  What makes me angry about the world.  

I'm not typically an angry person, but there's been a few things in this world I have been angry about.  The first social injustice I remember being angry about is pornography-the demoralization of individuals and the longterm effects on relationships.  Then there was the abortion industry...

But recently I've discovered more about the prevalence of polygamy.  I've known it is around but I didn't realize the breadth or the depth of its influence.  It is very...sobering.  I could go into the economic standpoint and how many families are on state aid---or how many businesses are owned by the particular sects.   At its core it is very sad.  On an individual level it teaches young girls they are only wanted or needed for one thing.  It is a web of confusion diguised as holiness or as the only way to heaven.  It devalues the things that God cherishes most and that makes me angry.  It makes me angry that they are our neighbors and we don't even know it. Their system is so intertwined that they can literally hide right under our noses, for years and years-- no matter which state we live in.  It isn't just Utah or Nevada or Arizona.   Crazy.  Anger.

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